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As a Skysong Innovations employee, you are the critical liaison between university inventions and real-world impact.

As a member of our team, you move university technology to the marketplace in a variety of ways. Whether it’s facilitating invention disclosures, providing entrepreneurial coaching, linking to venture funding, connecting researchers to outside companies or developing commercialization strategies, the work we do inspires further innovation, develops new products, creates jobs, grows future companies and even launches new industries. 

You think creatively, and you don’t sacrifice the critical details in favor of the big picture.

You look at the broad-scale applications of nascent products and technologies, and work to bring each one of them into the marketplace. You’re willing to brainstorm alternative commercialization pathways to find the best mode to market. 

You’re a powerful mind in your own field, and you’re eager to work with present and future leaders in others.

Your expertise allows you to appreciate how different marketing and licensing decisions will affect potential industry partners, and allows you to act as a sentinel who ensures a fair return on the value provided by university intellectual property.

You’re excited to engage

with the highest-level faculty and students, interface with dynamic ventures both within the local community and around the country, and provide access to top-tier entrepreneurial support that will help retain and grow high-performing startups.

You’re an innovator among innovators.

You devise and deploy broad, unique outreach initiatives within and beyond the university, launching and protecting intellectual property while maximizing opportunities for technology transfer in broader industries. You look for ways to ensure that top products and startups deliver maximum social, economic and even global impact.

We Want You on Our Team.

Current Openings

Skysong Innovations Fellow

The Skysong Innovations (SI) Fellows Program is an education program available to graduate (Masters/PhD/MBA/JD) students and Post-Doctoral Fellows at ASU with a focus on the physical and/or life sciences. The program concentrates on providing support for the assessment of the commercial potential of new technologies disclosed to SI. Working with SI, ASU’s exclusive intellectual property management and technology transfer organization, Fellows will be exposed to a wide range of emerging technologies and commercialization opportunities that are developed by ASU researchers in the physical and/or life sciences areas. Participants will interact with technology transfer professionals across multiple areas within SI. What you'll do: Instructional component: SI Fellows qualify to participate in a series of activities and direct training that will provide the necessary elements to perform assessments of new technologies at SI. Experiential component: SI Fellows will participate in a paid internship program focusing on assessing technical, commercial, and IP aspects of ASU technologies, and assisting in the development and execution of commercialization and patenting strategies for ASU technologies. SI Fellows will be expected to commit between 10-28 hours a week. Other duties and projects to support Skysong Innovations What you’ll need: Ongoing affiliation with ASU as a student at the master’s, doctoral, post-doctoral level, or professional level (MBA/JD); Proficiency in scientific discipline so that the candidate has the capability to be trained to determine the commercial potential of scientific work; Ability to clearly communicate complex scientific ideas; orally and in writing; Commitment and availability to work 10-28 hours a week on projects; Commitment to the required minimum participation of one year; Obtain consent from advisor/supervisor; Demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time; Eligible to work in the U.S. in an off-campus position; Student must be willing to sign and abide by a confidentiality and invention-assignment agreement. Relevant qualifications: An ASU student pursuing a graduate degree in a related field or in postgraduate program. You must have a willingness to learn and an ability to work well with others. A student must be willing to sign and abide by a confidentiality agreement. Mental demands: Clarity of focus while juggling complex projects and/or deadlines. Working conditions: Activities are performed in an environmentally controlled office setting subject to extended periods of sitting, keyboarding and manipulating a computer mouse; required to stand for varying lengths of time and walk moderate distances to perform work. Frequent bending, reaching, lifting, pushing and pulling up to 50 pounds. Regular activities require ability to quickly change priorities, which may include and/or are subject to resolution of conflicts. May be required to perform tasks in the field within and/or across University campuses. Ability to clearly communicate verbally, read, write, see and hear to perform essential functions. Working equipment: This position will require a desktop computer, telephone, and mobile communication device ($30 bi-weekly reimbursement). Contact us today. For more information on ASU Enterprise Partners, visit our web site at ASU Enterprise Partners and its subsidiaries is an equal opportunity employer that is firmly committed to promoting justice, equity, diversity and inclusion within our organization and throughout our sphere of influence. Because we embrace a spirit of innovation and achievement, we will endeavor to maximize the talent and potential of all employees, directors, and volunteers through bold and strategic action aimed at building success and a sense of belonging. All employees are expected to act in good faith to support these actions and to not impede the efforts of others to build a just, equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.

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Director of Licensing and Business Development

The overall responsibility of the Business Development Manager is to work with faculty and administration in identifying physical science inventions; securing appropriate IP coverage; marketing to potential licensees; executing commercial license agreements including facilitating faculty startups; and ensuring diligence on the part of the licensees. What you'll do: · Engage and enhance strong working relationships with faculty · Search-out and work with faculty to disclose commercially valuable ideas and prosecute intellectual property filings · Market to potential licensees via emailing, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings · Negotiate and execute licensing transactions from term sheet to definitive agreement · Maintain up to date project status via central database · Make presentations to faculty, industry, university leadership and boards · Other duties as assigned

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Student Patent Assistant

Skysong Innovations (SI) is seeking an extremely detail-oriented undergraduate or graduate student to assist with a specific step in the process by which ASU patents new university innovations. SI is the technology transfer arm of Arizona State University, assisting in the commercialization of innovations that are developed by ASU researchers. SI is located at SkySong, the premier portal serving the needs of businesses, research, and technology industry and academia while building vital networks between university innovations, regional progress, and the global technology industry. SkySong is located at the intersection of Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road in Scottsdale. As part of the patenting process, applicants must disclose certain information to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. One way in which applicants do so is by submitting a particular type of document called an Information Disclosure Statement or “IDS.” The Patent Assistant will assist Skysong Innovations in preparing such IDS documents in the context of the large patent portfolio managed by Skysong Innovations. Specifically, the Patent Assistant will be given lists of scientific papers and patent-related publications called “references.” Using those lists, the Patent Assistant will independently obtain copies of the references and generate a list of citations in a particular format suitable for submission to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although extremely high attention to detail and a general familiarity with research publications is required for this position, Skysong Innovations will provide the Patent Assistant with the specific training required to create the requested work product.

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This externship will expose the students to technology transfer issues, including the identification, protection and commercialization of new technology.

Students in our legal externship program must hold a technical undergraduate or graduate degree (science, engineering, technology, computer science). Experience with IP in general and patent law in particular is helpful; an eagerness to learn is required.

You will coordinate with inventors and internal and external counsel as you prepare technology transfer documents, including technology evaluations, claim charts, patent applications, office action responses, and more.

Graduate (Masters/PhD/MBA) students with backgrounds in engineering, physical sciences, biology, biochemistry and bioscience are encouraged to apply.

Students will be responsible for writing reports, assessing commercial viability of inventions submitted to Skysong Innovations, identifying potential investors or licensees, developing marketing materials for our inventions, and/or conducting financial analyses for negotiations. Students will be invited to attend internal staff presentations and engage with our team.

Students that fill this position will be reporting to our administrative team and should be able to work in a team environment, have a basic knowledge of MS office programs, strong attention to detail and willingness to learn. The essential functions of this position are answering the phone, filing, and data entry as well as any other duties needed to improve and support our day-to-day operations.

The student paralegal will assist SI’s paralegals with collecting and managing data in SI’s patent database. The essential functions of this position include reviewing and attaching documentation and emails to specific records in the database, as well as data entry - attention to detail being vital. The student will also help with filing and other projects throughout the year. SI is a fast-paced office with many tasks to complete.