Infrastructure Sharing and QAM Symbol Caching for FFT-Split LTE CRAN and DCCAP DOCSIS Networks



Current network infrastructures worldwide for wireless and cable technologies are at the forefront of the next big technology. 5G networks are in development and come with great consumer possibilities but are much more difficult to design and produce. The main challenges of 5G technologies include the transmission complexity, the interference with the neighboring cells, and the network distribution costs. Moreover, current network infrastructures have a lack of coordination between them causing delays. Service providers are highly motivated to develop a combined common access platform with generic protocols and standards.

Invention Description

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a network architecture that shares resources among wireless cellular networks. The architecture combines wireless Cloud-Radio Access Networks (CRANs) and cable-based platforms to form an efficient hybrid architecture. A cross communication of both platforms allows for remote caching of symbols to reduce the rate required for transmissions between the cloud and radio units. Unlike traditional designs, this architecture reduces the complexity and infrastructure needed to transmit information. This cutting-edge architecture brings down the costs of cable and wireless networks while reducing the rate at which data is delivered by sharing a single platform.

Potential Applications

  • 5G Networks
  • Cloud/Cable/Wireless Infrastructure Integration
  • Common Access Platform with Generic Protocols and Standards

Benefits and Advantages

  • Innovative – Architecture provides a platform for developing future network technologies
  • Collaborative – Design shares work among underused network resources
  • Practical –Brings down costs of wireless and cable network infrastructure
  • Clever – Ingenious data handling greatly reduces data transmission time
  • Versatile – Reduces complexity and increases practicality in infrastructure design

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