Non-contact system for quantitative tracking and analysis of workout


The importance and health benefits of routine exercise are widely recognized. Because of this, there have been numerous devices and methods devised to track and quantify exercises. Some devices count steps, like the pedometer, while others measure body responses to exercise, su as heart rate and breathing frequency, to estimate energy expenditure. Most devices, however, must be worn or brought into contact with the body, which can be a burden to the user. Furthermore, these devices cannot distinguish between different exercises or even tell the difference between a true exercise and other forms of movement, such as eating potato chips.

Prof. Nongjian Tao at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University has developed a system for quantitative tracking and analysis of exercise and activity. Through a combination of image/video processing and analysis, the type of exercise performed, the amount of effort exerted, and the number of repetitions and duration of exercise can all be determined. Furthermore, this system can quantify the energy expenditure of the subject during the exercise. This system can also be integrated with previously developed technology to track vital signs and measure the heart rate and breathing characteristics of the subject.

This non-contact system is quite remarkable in its ability to track exercises, distinguish between different types of exercise and also determine energy expenditure. It should find great utility in training, weight loss, and helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Potential Applications

  • Exercise/workout tracking and analysis
    • Useful in training, wellness and healthy lifestyles
  • Energy expenditure determination
    • Useful in fitness/weight loss goals

Benefits and Advantages

  • The use of non-contact devices allows for burden-free tracking
  • Can distinguish between different exercises
  • Can determine the difference between exercise and non-exercise activities
  • Can determine the amount of effort exerted as well as quantify energy expenditure
  • Can distinguish between different intensities of the same exercises
  • The video capture component can be part of existing devices such as cell phones, tablets or computers

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