Scalable Manufacturing of 2D Coordination Polymer Films


Two dimensional (2D) polymers are new classes of organic materials which are enriched with fascinating combinations of electronic and structural features that have attracted much attention in many applications. Unlike traditional polymers, single building units are arranged in a sheet-like manner to form 2D networks of 2D polymer materials. This opens up a wide range of new and unique applications for polymers in Nano-electronics, photonics, and bio-applications. 2D polymers have attracted significant attention as potential application solutions for their exceptional properties, yet current methods to efficiently produce 2D polymers at high volumes remains difficult. Isolation of single layer polymers, control over physical thickness, ability to achieve large, defect-free areas, and control over crystallinity remain big challenges for production of 2D polymers. Therefore, there is a need for a method to produce 2D polymeric materials efficiently at volume scale.

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed an innovative system for establishing scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of 2D polymers. Researchers have achieved synthesis of a variety of 2D polymeric materials using a two-phase synthesis technique to collect 2D polymeric sheets at a controlled rate. The substrate speed in solution, thickness, and liquid precursors can all be controlled to influence the resulting properties of the polymer. The entire system can be scaled to establish cost-effective and extensive manufacturing of 2D polymers. This innovative new system opens up an enormous potential for innovation in materials and engineering. 

Potential Applications

  • Nano-Electronics
  • Energy Storage & Conversion       
  • Optoelectronics
  • Bio-Applications
  • Catalysis

Benefits and Advantages

  • Enabling – The system facilitates collection of 2D polymers at controlled rates, currently unachievable with existing techniques
  • Scalable – Innovative system design enables potential to reach large scale manufacturing of 2D polymers      
  • Tailored - System allows total control of the thickness, crystallinity and quality of 2D polymers 

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