Skysong Innovations Startups

This list is updated quarterly.

SymEtics, LLC

Developing IgE based bioinformatic assisted B-cell programming for therapeutic cancer vaccines.

MacOne Therapeutics, LLC

Developing a new class of antibiotics for gram-negative bacteria.

Hayes Diagnostics, Inc.

Developing paradigm shifting diagnostic technology using biophysical signatures and simple mass fabricated systems.

Dash Tech Integrated Circuits, Inc.

Developing a processor framework for domain-specific, heterogeneous processors that are both efficient and flexible.

Gila Diagnostics, Inc.

Developing an innovative proteomics platform for the development of new drugs, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

Grace Microsystems, LLC

Developing a point-of-care, rapid, quantitative in vitro diagnostic to address challenges in the worldwide IVD market.

Neotelo, LLC

Developing an innovative screening method for discovery of new therapeutics to combat age-related diseases.

Argos Vision Inc.

Argos Vision Inc.

Developing innovative neural network technology to for providing traffic data to cities and states using smart cameras.


Developing innovative small-size containers and conditioning systems for use in dynamic-load cold-chain logistics.

MagStee Medical, LLC

Developing novel magnetic needle steering technology and tracking system for minimally invasive cancer treatment.

Beyond Silicon, Inc.

Beyond Silicon, Inc.

Developing innovative perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaic devices for higher efficiency and energy yield solar cells.

TenZTen, LLC

Developing novel circuit topology for realizing complex threshold functions using flash transistors in FTL cells.

Microanalyte, LLC

Developing innovative devices and materials for microbial disinfection removal of microbes from water, air, and surfaces.

Lifelab Studios

Lifelab Studios

Developing a transformative learning framework that leads with learners and their real-world applications.

GenExGen, Inc.

Developing epigenetic-based immunosuppressants that supercharge gene therapies to combat cancer and autoimmune diseases

EpitopeAI, LLC

Developing an innovative molecular interaction prediction platform for diagnostics and the discovery of new therapeutics.