Skysong Innovations Startups

This list is updated quarterly.

ImmunoMetabolix, LLC

Focused on metabolic reprogramming of immune cells for the treatment or prevention of diseases and tissue regeneration.

Indie Financials, LLC

Financial modeling tool for independent film makers., LLC

Non-invasive methods to measure physiological signals for fast and cost-effective health monitoring.



Design engineering-helping clients develop innovative products for the commercial, industrial, and consumer electronics markets.

iNanoBio, LLC

iNanoBio, LLC

Pioneering the development of advanced technologies for genome sequencing and personalized healthcare for the future.

Idendrix, Inc.

Developed a process and platform that provides the most advanced, flexible and deployable verification solution.

IPM Innovations, LLC (MyiLogs)

Use-inspired educational tool to ensure that educators have easy and effective ways to plan, communicate and monitor instruction.

IasoTek, LLC

IasoTek, LLC

Develop biotechnology that radically reduces costs of diagnostics and therapeutics in the healthcare industry